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MiniSkiip modules boosted with M7 chips from Mitsubishi Electric

Vincotech’s MiniSkiip modules have been given a performance boost with the addition of the M7 chip to the existing range including IGBT3 and IGBT4. Vincotech manufacture MiniSKiiP modules to provide a second source option to their Semikron alternatives.

MiniSKiiP® PIM 2 IGBT M7 with Open Emitter

Greater power range

MiniSkiip modules enable multisource options for the main chip technology, improving customisation and reducing lead times. Mitsubishi Electric gen 7 chip technology, enables a smaller footprint than on competing products. This chip provides a greater power range from the same-size package, allowing the reduction in costs through scaling. MiniSkiip modules feature a direct copper bonding substrate, SPRiNG loaded contacts and thermal interface material. SPRiNG contacts and a single screw create electrical and thermal connections allowing the power module, heat sinks and PCB to be assembled in one step.

MiniSkiip advantages

  • Low loss even at high temperature
  • High Vgs(th) to reduce malfunctions
  • Compact and high power

MiniSkiip applications

  • Welding and plasma cutting machines
  • Power supplies and inverters
  • Motor Drives

Long module lifetime is achieved through low thermal resistance; this boosts the module power rating while negating any temperature change. Direct copper bonding is not available with the Si3N4 substrate, but instead uses active metal brazing. A non-brittle material increases the product life as it prevents it from snapping; this compensates for lower heat conductivity resulting in similar thermal resistance with a direct copper bonding substrate. A thin substrate layer of 0.3mm is suitable for minimal thermal resistance and is housed without any module modification repeatedly improving lead times.

New chip technology

MiniSkiip modules utilise new IGBT M7 chip technology for improved performance. Ultra-thin wafer processing has caused significant reduction in VCEsat and its associated losses. Below, figure 1, shows 20% lower conduction power losses compared to the competitor. Lower loss is provided by an efficient module, maintaining module reliability and performance.

Modules specially designed for very low conduction loss have much higher switching loss due to the adverse relationship between the two variables. The IGBT M7 maintains both lower conduction loss and low switching loss. Figure two shows compared to a competitor module, Vincotech are able to outperform in both of these areas.

Thinner wafer technology

M7 diodes are also built to a new thinner wafer technology standard. The M7 diodes have been developed using new Relaxed Field of Cathode (RFC) technology to enable thinner wafer technology and backside structure. Any perceived risk of a thinner chip has been mitigated with the RFC technology. The M7 diode experiences lower current overshoot at turn-on as well as less oscillation compared to competing diodes. This produces a more efficient module, reducing system costs and extending the module performance over its lifetime.

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