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XOE diodes – 70% more current in the same size package

Dean Technology have developed a production method to mitigate devices losses without using new materials or expensive production equipment to meet demands for better performance and reduced size in high voltage diodes. The result is a range of axial lead diodes with higher current capabilities, lower voltage drop in the same size package as standard HV diodes.

Benefits of XOE technology

  1. Higher current capabilities
  2. Lower voltage drop
  3. Reduced heat dissipation
  4. Better breakdown immunity from transitions into the avalanche region
  5. Enhanced reliability for end user products

XOE performance v typical HV diode

Comparing the G15FS (standard HV diode) in blue with an equivalent XOE diode in red, the above figure illustrates a current handling improvement of around 200% and a voltage drop improvement of approximately 70%.

Cooler, more current and faster recovery time

“XOE™ products are extreme-optimised, efficient high voltage diodes. They have lower EF, run cooler, offer more current and a faster recovery time – all in the same sized package. That means customer can have a more efficient, smaller, lighter, cooler-running system. The more diodes, the bigger your multiplier, the better its going to be. This is quite a change.” – Craig Dean – President of Dean Technology

How It’s Done

XOE technology is based on three techniques, each of which impacts the others. The optimum balance between them allows a die stack that is far more consistent in quality, significantly better performance and fits in the same size package as a typical high voltage diode.

  1. Maximizing the die size for each package – increased surface area improves current handling.
  2. Minimizing the number of die in the diode stack – leads directly to lower loss by reducing the cumulative voltage drop in the device.
  3. Tightly controlled diffusion process – produces uniform junction depth across the wafer and consistent final thickness of each individual die.

The diffusion process used in XOE creates a far more even junction depth. Limiting weak spots in silicon wafer diffusion ensures more uniform performance of each layer in the final diode stack and the removal of die from the stack.

Custom-designed parts available

Custom parts can also be produced to meet individual design needs for high voltage applications.

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