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Power Electronics, Pulse Power & High Voltage

PPM Power has a range of technologies to realise high performance inverter and power converter design. From the latest SiC MOSFET technology offering 500kHz switching frequencies, IGBT modules for advanced topologies and passive components enabling high power-density converters. We also supply high voltage power supplies, switches, connectors and resistors to support high voltage, pulse power and analytical instruments applications.

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Components & Software

Power Semiconductors

Simulation Tools

Surge Suppression




Current Transducers

Voltage Probes

Magnetic Components

Thermal Solutions

Gate Drivers

High Voltage Connectors

High Voltage Diodes

Pulse Transformers

High Voltage Amplifiers

DC Breakers

Electrostatic Voltmeters

Function Generators

Power Supplies

Programmable power



Capacitor chargers

DC precision

Battery simulation & test


Ceramic Capacitors

Energy Storage Capacitors

Capacitor Assemblies

Capacitor stacks

Custom Pulsed HV Capacitors

Snubber Capacitors

Power Ring Capacitors

DC Link Film Capacitors

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